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Latest Methods To Trace Location Of Whatsapp And Facebook Users

Hello guys welcome on TricksKing.com. Today we are here with awesome post related to facebook and whatsapp. We are connected with friends from facebook and whatsapp. We can also chat with friends, you may not no where is the location of the person other site. If you want to know this we are sharing important method, which will help you track location of the person who is chatting with you. Follow the below steps to track location of person chatting with you facebook or whatsapp.

Method To Track Person Chatting With You From Facebook Or Whatsapp

Method 1. Track Using IP AddressIn this we will use command prompt to trace IP address of person you are chatting on facebook.

Step 1:- Chat with friend of whom you want to get IP address. All apps from backround should be stopped.

Step 2:- Press win+R to open run.

Step 3:- Enter CMD in run window.

Step 4:- In command prompt type netstat -an and click enter.

Step 5:- You will get IP address of that person, now you have to note down the IP address.

Step 6:- You have to scan IP address to know the location of the person. You can check here http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/.

Method 2. Creating link to track locationIn this method we will create one link. From the help of this link we will track location.

Step 1:- Create free hosting account on website Hostgator, My3gb, 000webhost.

Step 2:- Login your account and go at the file manager.

Step 3:- Now download the zip file Tracking.

Step 4:- Now you have to extract the file and you will see 3 files in that folder.

Step 5:- Now upload all files in root folder on website in your hosting account.

Step 6:- You will get a hosting link from this which will help you to track the visitors. The link can be like hostingsite.my3gb.com.

Step 7:- You will get all details of tracking on log.txt file in root folder, you should keep on checking the folder.

Now from above points you can easily track location of the person. For more tricks keep visiting TricksKing.com.

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